Veg Amnesty

Today we are launching the world’s first ‘Veg Amnesty’ to help fight Veg Poverty in the UK.

We invite households across Britain to donate surplus frozen veg to neighbouring in-need households. Research shows that up to 9 million UK households have forgotten food in their freezers after stocking up during the various lockdowns over the past 18 months.

1 in 4 Brits can’t access an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables to meet the government’s recommended 5-a-day. Yet a third of us have forgotten frozen veg in our freezers, unused and unwanted. Join the UK’s first Veg Amnesty from Strong Roots and donate your unwanted veg to those who can use it. Together we can Make Veg Poverty History.

Get Involved

  • Use Olio, the no 1. free sharing app to donate veg that would otherwise to go to waste to a neighbour.

  • Visit Bankuet, the UK’s first online food donation platform to donate money directly to food banks.