Summer Planner London 10th-11th

9 Aug 2019 | Events

Hey STRONG SQUAD, the sun is gleaming in the skies and we're still delighted to be sharing with you some great ideas to pass your weekends in the capital! You know the drill, we've put together a few places to go and things to do in London over the August weekend alongside a STRONG ROOTS recipe that may just be the highlight of your culinary week, if we do say so ourselves!

Saturday 10th of August

Restaurant- Paradise Plantbased

It probably isn’t too difficult to guess what we like about this place. A fresh and vibrant favourite of ours, Paradise Plantbased brings soul and heart to the London plant-based scene. A major dynamic of how they operate involves the environmental focus of their operation, everything you see in the establishment is upcycled including the cutlery. It’s a spot where attention to detail has gone into every facet of their operation and this is clearly evident.

Activity- Canalside Family Fun Day

In such a fast-paced city filled with professionals and businesses, we sometimes forget just how many families of all shapes and sizes make up our city centre. The organisers of this event have put together plenty of activities for families to spend the day together like, lessons in pottery (this might be a messy option but let’s embrace it!), live music jams, retro arcade games, and very many food options that make up what has been referred to as somewhat of a ‘riparian riot’!

Sunday 11th of August

Restaurant- CookDaily

Take a classic but make it plant-based, that’s the motif of CookDaily and you can trust us; it works. This place boasts some of the widest selection of options for a customer with a plant-based diet but definitely doesn’t neglect the flavour because we can attest to the flavoursome punch behind every meal we have gotten here. You know you’re in a good restaurant when you can get one of the best ‘Full English’ fries of your life knowing it’s all plant-based!

Activity- Leicester Square Summer Screenings

The use of Leicester Square for summer screenings has been hailed as a major success. Regardless of why you’re out, this is the perfect event to spend a day in the city. If it’s a date, a family day out or simply an excuse to sit back, there is some option for you throughout the day. With showings from morning until evening involving all genres, we are delighted this initiative is going so well! Let us know how it goes, we love to hear from you!

Strong Roots Recipe: Beetroot & Bean burger With Charred Fennel and Asparagus Salad With Black Olives

This is a fantastic, quick summer salad. All the flavours of a BBQ with the char-grilled vegetables, crispy Beetroot & Bean Burgers and a zingy vinaigrette. Perfect for a light lunch or a side-dish.

Full recipe here