Summer Planner | Dublin | July 20th – 21st

18 Jul 2019 | Events

Hello Strong Squad, your weekly planner is here! You will find some unreal restaurants and activities guiding you along a wholesome summer’s weekend. Enjoy yourself and keep us posted!

Saturday 20/07 :



Despite starting out as a concept centred around street food trucks housed in an industrial warehouse in a back street of Portobello, Veginity has had a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. Chef, author and major advocate of a plant-based lifestyle, the owner Mark Senn is an individual who has poured his soul into this restaurant and its evident in everything the restaurant serves. Its Dorset Street location is also easily accessible for anyone in Dublin City from Thursday to Sunday. A major favourite of ours in Dublin, our recommendation? Absolutely anything on the menu.


ActivityThe Festival of Curiosity

The Festival of Curiosity

Not to miss this weekend. Self-defined as ‘a cultural feast of unique, visual and interactive experiences in Dublin that merge cutting-edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive & curious ways’. We are particularly excited about this event, it’s family-friendly and its audience participation-based approach is unique and intriguing. We’re definitely going to check out the Buds & Beats event and Late Night Mixology event! Selling out every year since its inception we recommend doing a bit of research prior to attending, check out the full programme or the Facebook event.



Sunday 21/07 :

BrunchOne Society

One Society

This is one place we have been in love with recently, embracing wholesome food and speciality coffees it deserves all the recognition it has been receiving recently. The atmosphere is second to none in the city and breakfast, brunch and lunch menus are all complete with Vegan options, what more could you want?

Check out the One Society website, but only if you want to make yourself hungry!


ActivityGlendalough National Park

Credit photo: Jorja Marie

If you’re in the mood for a wholesome retreat then Glendalough is the ultimate destination. The forecast for this weekend is predicting clear skies and there is no experience quite like the welcome respite of Glendalough to clear your head. Despite being a classic destination for hikers, alternative routes around the lower and upper lakes are alternative options for an evening spent rambling.


Strong Roots Recipe Beetroot & Bean Burger
Plant-Based BBQ, the STRONG ROOTS Beetroot & Bean Burger

Are you looking for the perfect topping for your burger?! Then our crisp fresh slaw with an amazing Asian style sesame & ginger dressing is the way to go. Stacked on top of our BBQ’ed Beetroot & Bean Burgers all served on a toasted bun, this is a winner!

Full Recipe Here