Strong Roots awarded B Corp Certification

2 Apr 2021 | Events

As a frozen food brand, we’re aware that we’re already a step ahead when it comes to environmental responsibility and helping our community to reduce food waste. 

We believe that food can be better, and that we don’t have to ask for more from the earth than it can sustain.  

This year, for the first time, we’re so proud to announce that we have been awarded B Corp certificationfollowing a rigorous assessment of our social and environmental performance to date. We’re extra proud to say that this makes us the first Irish plant-based food business that has B Corp status. 

Becoming a B Corp has been a long-time goal for us, because we believe that food can be better, and because it’s on us, as food company, to lead the change we want to see in the food industry. For us, B Corp certification represents an official seal of approval of ethical approach to the environment, governance, customers, our people and local community.     

Powered by our legend of a CSR Strategist, Louise O’Connor, we’re developing a more in-depth sustainability report. In the meantime, these are some of the main changes and initiatives that contributed to our B Corp certification:   


  1. Transforming packaging: In 2020 we moved three of our leading products into cardboard packagingreducing plastic by 100%. The new cardboard packaging is certified sustainable by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and we expect to save almost 40,000kg of plastic in 2021. 


  1. Social mission: We launched our social mission in the U.K. to Make Veg Poverty History, after research revealed that 1 in 4 Brits are living in Veg Poverty – defined as the inability to afford or access sufficient levels of fruit and veg to meet the government’s recommended 5-a-day. The Make Veg Poverty History social mission was launched in January specifically to increase levels of frozen veg within food parcels, and increase the overall nutritional value of what is available. A dedicated Frozen Veggie Food Bank was set up in Hackney with freezers and frozen veg rolled out to food banks nationwide in a trial that will continue throughout the year. 


  1. Supporting charitable initiatives: Over the past year, we have worked with ten organisations to create over 30,000 healthy meals for those who need them. Recipients ranged from national charities and non-profit enterprises to local food banks and pantries. We also donated more than six tonnes of surplus products to FareShareaccounting for 14,415 meals. 


  1. Prioritising food safety: In 2020, for the third consecutive year, we achieved the highest possible AA rating for food safety from the BRC international standards audit team. 


  1. Committing to reducing carbonwe’re developing a carbon footprint measurement tool for each of our products in partnership with CarbonCloud, which will help us to assess where and how to reduce our carbon output.  


  1. Making purpose-led decisionswe ensure that all board level strategic decisions consider their social and environmental impact. This is enshrined within our company constitution. 


This certification process was a massive effort on behalf of so many key team members, as our procedures, values and practices were scrutinised across the board by B Lab. We know our work in sustainability and community engagement will never be done – we’ll keep striving to be the best we can in terms of our impact on the world.  

But this is our first step, and it’s a big oneweaving our sustainability goals into our DNA, and ensuring that our environmental and social responsibilities are right at the heart of our business.