Mixed Berry Smoothie

servings 1
prep time 15 minutes

Have a fresh start to your day with our Mixed Berry Smoothie! It’s never been easier to get your vitamins in–just drop a Ripened Avocado Half into the blender alongside bananas, berries, coconut yoghurt, and fruit juice and let the blender work its magic for you. You’ll feel satisfied and energised throughout the morning after just one serving, which you can drink during your morning commute if you’re strapped for time!

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1 Ripened Avocado Half
1 frozen banana, sliced
100ml fresh fruit juice (not from concentrate)
100g berries, fresh or frozen
200ml coconut milk/oat milk
1 tbsp coconut yoghurt (e.g. Co-Yo)

method (tick as you go)


Place berries, banana, coconut milk, coconut yoghurt in a blender, letting the avocado slightly soften before blending.


Add in more milk depending on your desired consistency.


Blend everything together and serve.


Prep time does not include defrosting time of the avocados.
Tip: Leave the avocado in the fridge to defrost overnight to save on time!