Our New Limited Edition Product

21 Aug 2019 | Events

We struggled to keep it a secret but the day has finally come for us to announce the latest addition to our STRONG ROOTS family; The Pea & Wakame Seaweed Burger!

This time we have taken inspiration from the sea for our most innovative product to date. This is the first frozen seaweed burger to enter the market here in Ireland, proving that we are constantly bringing new and exciting flavours to our customers.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at STRONG ROOTS and this new product launch shows that. We want to make new and exciting ingredients accessible to everyone. Seaweed, as an ingredient, may sound far-fetched but it is one of the most sustainable and versatile ingredients around, it really is the future. For more information on this check out this article.

Seaweed, traditionally found in Asian cuisine, has been making strides from shore to dinner plate over the last few years. This nutrient-rich, low-calorie sea vegetable is hailed for its bold flavour bringing a delicious “umami” or savoury seasoning to any dish.

The Pea & Wakame Seaweed Burger blends pea, edamame beans and seaweed with a crispy coating of black and white sesame seeds. Each burger is perfectly balanced with the creaminess of pea and saltiness of the Wakame seaweed, with the addition of soya sauce, ginger, lemon juice and sesame seeds, each bite is bursting with flavour. Don’t believe us? Our Brand Ambassador Roz Purcell has claimed this is her new favourite product from our range!

For some recipe inspiration, check out Roz’s latest IGTV video here or visit our recipe section for a full guide on how to whip up a super tasty meal with this product.

Pea & Wakame Burgers are available in select SuperValu stores nationwide. For a full list of stockists please check our Instagram page.