As Real As

5 May 2021 | Events

It doesn't get much more real than this.

This is veg on a mission, coming at you, no holds barred, with an agenda.

Strong Roots means simple, real food.

Everything you’ll find in Strong Roots products is grown in the soil, not made in a lab. It’s as real as the vegetables you can pull from the ground, but we’ve made eating them easier, and tastier.

We only make food we want to eat – that means easy to cook and outrageously tasty, using ingredients your granny would recognise.

We don’t want to get you to ‘replace’ anything, to diet, or to transform your body. We’re just out here eating more veg, and trying to get you to, too. This is real food, for real people.

Strong Roots is food as real as you can make yourself, bringing you the full force of all those powerful nutrients.

As real as a Maris Piper to the mouth. But tastier.

Strong Roots. Simple, real food.

Watch the full video below!