7 Plant-Based Recipes To Get You Through World Meat Free Week

17 Jun 2019 | Events

With World Free Meat Week (17th to 23rd of June) upon us we've decided to collate 7 amazing plant-based, meat-free recipes for you to try every day of the week. We have taken seven well known meat dishes and given them a tasty plant-based twist! We hope you enjoy devouring them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

World Meat Free Week is hoping to change the way we look at the inclusion of meat in our diets by encouraging everyone to switch one of their meals during the week to a meat-free one. This week also aims to get people thinking and talking about meat consumption and production with the ultimate goal to swap “one meal for a healthier planet."

We're on board!

Number 1 

Buffalo Spinach Bites with Lemon & Herb Aioli.

These vegan Spinach Bite “hot wings” with lemon & herb aioli are the perfect comfort food. They’re so tangy, spicy, and incredibly comforting, and they’re also a lot healthier than chicken wings with a fraction of the fat and no deep-frying! We’ve made them so many times and they’re always a real crowd-pleaser!

Number 2 

Brazilian Sweet Potato Feijoada

Feijoada is a classic Brazilian meat stew, which we’ve tweaked to make an utterly delicious meat-free dinner. With chunks of our beautiful STRONG ROOTS Garlic Roasted Sweet Potatoes, black beans, sweet peppers and coriander to freshen it all up, this is a cracker of a dish!

Number 3

 Aubergine and Cauliflower Hash Brown Lasagne 

Our plant-based lasagne swaps traditional lasagne sheets for nutritious baked aubergine slices, a layer of rich cannellini bean ragu, earthy pesto soffritto and of course our amazing Cauliflower Hash Browns for a flavour-packed gluten-free Italian favourite!

Number 4 

Broccoli & Purple Carrot ‘Meatballs’ With Pesto Courgetti 

If Spaghetti Bolognese is your go-to this recipe is just for you. This is a classic combination of flavours with a STRONG ROOTS twist. We pair courgetti with the earthy taste of pesto and our amazing Broccoli & Purple Carrot Bites with a fresh tomato sauce. This will be your new weekly staple! Bellissimo!


Number 5

Cauliflower Hash Brown Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce and Spätzle 

This is our twist on the Austrian staple of wiener schnitzel. We swap the breaded pork for our tasty STRONG ROOTS Cauliflower Hash Browns and pair them with a traditional spätzle and mushroom sauce. Spätzle is a type of noodle from central Europe that is commonly served alongside schnitzel and other dishes.


Number 6 

Crispy Spinach Bites with Sticky Sesame Sauce

We’ve taken a Chinese restaurant favourite and put our plant-based spin on it. We’ve swapped out the fried chicken for our far healthier (and tastier) Spinach Bites! The sticky maple and sesame sauce is incredibly tasty, you’ll want to put it on everything!

Number 7 

Plant Based Double Cheese Burger 

So who doesn’t love a burger, especially a double cheese burger. For this recipe we keep it simple, our Kale & Quinoa Burgers with a tangy red cabbage slaw, sweet and smoky BBQ sauce and luxurious melted cheese. What’s not to like?