5 Easy Meals for National Vegetarian Week

16 May 2019 | Events

National Vegetarian Week is upon us, but what to make? If you’re not used to cooking plant-based food it can be difficult to know where to start. And, even if you’re already a seasoned pro, it’s easy to get stuck into a rut. So here is where we come in!

We've lined up 5 super-tasty meals with our plant-based meal planner. Planning ahead means you can do one big weekly shop, and make enough for packed lunches the next day – win-win!

All you need to do is click the images below to bring you to the recipe page, it is as easy as that!

Number 1 

Cauliflower Hash Brown Stack 

This is the perfect weekend brunch. Caramelised harissa tomatoes with creamy guacamole and our deliciously crispy Cauliflower Hash Browns. Did we mention it’s ready in 25 minutes?!?

Number 2

Loaded BBQ Sweet Potato Fries  

The loaded fries you’re not going to feel guilty after. Ready in 30 minutes, perfect for sharing!

Number 3 

Roz’s Cheesy Sweet Potato Dip with Spinach Bites

Try this creation from our wonderful brand ambassador Roz Purcell. She has served our tasty Spinach Bites with a creamy and cheesy dip made from our Garlic Roasted Sweet Potatoes.

Warning; people will most definitely try to double dip with this one.


Number 4 

The Ultimate Plant-Based Burger Stack

Okay lets be honest, who doesn’t absolutely love a burger? This combination of our Kale & Quinoa Burgers with spicy Sriracha mayo and crunchy slaw will have you going back for seconds.

Number 5 

Strong Roots Buddha Bowl

Health food blogger Charlotte Roberts created this incredible plant-powered salad! Buddha bowls are known for being packed full of a variety of nourishing, delicious and colourful ingredients and this is no different!

The flavours in this one won’t disappoint!